House Call / Angelene Milne

Good Moring all you “i’m never drinking again” Sundayersssss, the time has come to show you guys what we have in store for you this coming week. The first show has been described as a romantic tale that withstands the ends of time, it will really pull at the heartstrings and RIP THEM OUT!!!

‘House Call’ is written and directed by our very own haunter, Angelene Milne, her first written piece and by the looks of it there is many a ‘romantic’ tale left to be told. Let us introduce to you Haunter in the ‘virtual’ flesh…

Angelene is a actor, director and writer who hails from the wee county of Louth, acting came out of the blue for Angelene, music was the foreground of the Milne family so naturally she took it up and went on to pursue Music Performance in Kylemore College. Afterwards looking for a new challenge, she applied for the acting course in Bull Alley Training Company and has never looked back. 5 years later, she has completed 2 years with Bull Alley, 2 years with the Academy of Repirtory Theatre, co – foundered two theatre companies, directed and starred in numerous plays over them years.
Her roles include Hecube in ‘Hecube’, Lucia in ‘the Rover Part 2’, Mary Tearsheet in ‘The Exchequers Apprentice’, Mrs Bailey in ‘Hachet’, Yetta in ‘Flood’ and Susy in ‘Wait Until Dark’ which she also got the chance to direct along with ‘Title of Show’ which was her first directoral debut with Ill – advised Theatre Company.
She is one of the founding members of Head Above Water and is excited with the challenge the horror genre will bring. House Call is the first piece she has ever written and directed to be performed in front of an audience. Her 12 year old (witch of all witches) self would be so proud. Angelene cannot wait to show off what HAW has to offer and the amazing actors and friends who are on this Joining journey with her.

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