That’s a wrap on Hound’s Hotel! Two fantastic performances, Two standing ovations, Two Hundred happy theatre-goers. Thank you to everyone who came and saw the show for being the most amazing audience!

Thanks to the incredibly talented writer and co-director, Conor Duffy, for making this adventure possible. Thanks to his beautiful and brilliant co-director Angelene Milne for making it perfect. Thanks to the incredible and always positive stage manager, who now has a record for the fastest turn-arounds: Joe Clinton. Thanks to our lighting designer Conor Burnell for bringing our play to life and being always ready to go! And thanks to our producer Nathalie Clément for taking over social media to bring an audience to the show.

Thanks to our cast for being brilliant, committed and a joy to work with: Conor Duffy, Jordan Begley, Nathalie Clement, Luke Collins, Warren Hanley, Angelene Milne, Joe Clinton, Hannah Joyce, Elizabeth Ann Doyle, Goliath Apollo Wolfgang, Conor Hanley.

And last, but certainly not least, thanks to Smock Alley Theatre and their fabulous staff and volunteers. Special thanks to Tilly Taylor, Caoimhe Connolly, Ferdia Cahill and Cliona Dukes.



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